Panasonic NA-W14021B 14.0 Kg. Twin Tub Washing Machine [ TCA Digital Square ] - White / Dark Gray - TCA Digital Square
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Panasonic NA-W14021B 14.0 Kg. Twin Tub Washing Machine [ TCA Digital Square ] – White / Dark Gray


* Wash: 14.0kg. * Spin: 10.0kg. * Dimension(WxDxH): 950 x 540 x 1057mm * Net Weight: 41kg. * Power Input (Wash/Spin): 590 / 235W * Voltage/Hz: 220 / 60 * Wash Speed: 1650rpm * Spin Speed: 1050rpm * Water Volume: 92L * Body: Classic White * Lid: Powder White * Base: Dark Gray * Rat-proof Base Design * Wash/Cycle Selector * Soak/Wash Function * Water Hose Inlet * Knob Control Drain System * Durable Plastic Material * Gear Drive Wash System

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Features Intense Washing Performance Powerful Wave is a strong motion of water that creates an intense scrub-wash effect which effectively removes stains. 6 High Wing Pulsator Increases washing capabilities through that intensely spins the water to produce powerful waves for a strong scrub-wash effect. Customizable Washing Time Super Wash System allows an efficient and customizable soak-wash time up to 45 minutes. Strong-Wash Selector Allows you to choose the setting that fits your washing needs. Recommended for heavy items such as blankets, bedsheets, and even comforters. Super Air Dry System Better spin-drying results with 4-way wind power. Customizable Spin-drying Time Increased spin-drying time for a maximum of 10 minutes per one (1) cycle. Easy to Load & Unload Laundry Items Ease of use with bigger and wider tub openings to conveniently load and unload large laundry items. Specifications Bigger Spinner Tub Super Wash System Super Air Dry System H: 1057mm, W: 950mm, D: 540mm, Weight: 41kg.Wash Capacity Wash Capacity 14.0 kg Spin Capacity Spin Capacity 10.0 kg Net Weight Net Weight 41 kg Power Input (Wash/Spin) Power Input (Wash/Spin) 590 W / 235 W Voltage / Frequency Voltage / Frequency 230 V / 60 Hz Wash Speed Wash Speed 140 rpm Spin Speed Spin Speed 1050 rpm Water Volume (High Level) Water Volume (High Level) 110 L Body Body Classic White Lid Lid Powder White Base Base Dark Gray Other Specs Other Specs • Rat–proof Base Design• Wash / Cycle Selector• Soak / Wash Function• Big Knobs• Water Hose Inlet •Knob Control Drain System• Durable Plastic Material• Gear Drive Wash System

Additional Information
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 58 × 99 × 113 cm

White / Dark Gray

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