Electrolux EWW1142R7MB 11/7 kg Inverter UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washer Dryer with SensorWash technology (NCR ONLY) [ TCA Digital Square ] - TCA Digital Square
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Electrolux EWW1142R7MB 11/7 kg Inverter UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washer Dryer with SensorWash technology (NCR ONLY) [ TCA Digital Square ]


* Capacity * Drying Capacity (Kg) 7 * Washing Capacity (Kg) 11 * Dimension * Width 600 mm * Height 850 mm * Depth 659 mm * Power Supply * Frequency (Hz) 60 * Voltage (V)220-230 * Interface and Control * Countdown Indicator: Yes * Control Type: Electronic * Spinning Speed * Spin Speed (rpm max)1400 * Design * Panel Display IQ Touch™ with Rotary Knob and LED Time Display * Door: Black Full Lens * Body: Color White * Wash / Dry Programmes * Wash/Dry 60: Yes * Vapour Refresh: Yes * Mixed: Yes * Favourite: Yes * Delicates: Yes * Daily 60: Yes * Cottons: Yes * Energy Saver: Yes * Wool: Yes * Bedding: Yes * Rinse + Spin: Yes * Spin: Yes * Baby Care: Yes * App Program: Yes * Quick 15: Yes

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Features Removes 49 visible stains* Wash out all kinds of stubborn stains with ease, without the need for pre-treatments. SensorWash technology use AI sensors to automatically detect dirt and soil levels and then adjusts the cycle duration accordingly to effortlessly remove 49 different visible stains, including oil, red wine, mud and chocolate.* *Tested on 4.5kg load with 5cm2 stains from food, household and personal products using Cotton 40°C + Stain Cycle. Results may vary depending on factors such as load size, type and duration of soiling, detergent type and water pressure. Goodbye detergent residues.* With UltraMix technology, detergent and softener is thoroughly dissolved and activated before it enters the drum. This ensures that your clothes are cleaned without leaving visible detergent residue at the end of the cycle. With UltraMix you can say goodbye to visible detergent residue and forget rewashing*. *Tested on a 3kg mixed load of colour T-shirts and shirts, using recommended powder detergent dosage and load size. Results may vary depending on load size, detergent type and water pressure. Clean with added hygiene The HygienicCare option finishes the wash cycle with a soft spray of vapour to remove up to 99.9% of allergens and germs.* HygienicCare produces vapour at just 40°C, so it is gentler on your fabrics, whilst also saving energy. *Electrolux front load washers with Vapour / Hygienic Care option remove up to 99.2% of Der f1 (dust mite) and Fel d1 (cat allergen) and upto 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia during a 40°C cottons wash. Refresh without washing Quickly revitalise your garments and smoothen out creases in under 30 minutes with the VapourRefresh cycle. Your clothes will emerge wrinkle-free and refreshed, with up to 23% less wrinkles compared to air drying*. *23% less wrinkles EWF9025BQWAwash cycle with Vapour vs. standard cycle air dry – tested and certified by THTI Fast, flexible cycles Adapt your laundry load to suit your schedule. The Quick 15 Cycle delivers an efficient, 15-minute wash suitable for a small amount of clothes or single items. The Daily 39 program is ideal for your soiled daily loads. And for a regular full load, set to the Full Wash 60 cycle, the ideal one-hour program. Care advice on demand Struggling to remove stubborn grass stains? Unsure of how to wash silk or wool? The Electrolux Life app Care Advisor provides expert guidance for cleaning and caring for 37 different fabric types.

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Weight 82 kg
Dimensions 73 × 67 × 90 cm
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