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Daikin MC30YV Air Purifier w/ STREAMER Technology I Electrostatic HEPA Filter I Deodorising Filter I 21sqm [ TCA Digital Square ]


Daikin MC30Y air purifier. The best choice for whom? * The new Daikin MC30Y air purifier is perfect for small single flats, bedrooms, children rooms, hotel rooms, small cafés or meeting rooms to effectively reduce the concentration of bacteria, viruses, pollen and airborne contaminants in the air with airflow rates of up to 180 cubic meters per hour. In turbo mode operation it is suitable for rooms of up to 46 square meters (according to the NRCC 54013 standard). * Despite its small dimensions (450 x 270 x 270 mm), the unit is housing advanced Daikin technology in a compact white space-saving casing and fits in every room. * The new air purifier is one of the most quiet units on the European market with a noise level of 19 dB(A)2) in quiet mode which is comparable to whispering or rustling leaves. An inbuilt “sleep” mode ensures a peaceful rest during night by setting the fan to the lowest speed for the next eight hours, after which the unit resumes normal operation.

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Additional Information
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 45 × 27 × 27 cm

Product Features * Pure air thanks to Daikin ‘Catch and Clean’ approach in decomposing harmful substances * High performance electrostatic HEPA filter which doesn’t clog easily, hence causes low pressure loss * One of the most silent Air Purifier range on the European market * No need to change the filter for ten years, resulting in low maintenance costs * Purifies the air in rooms up to 46m²Flash Streamer Using electrons to trigger chemical reactions with air borne particles, the Flash Streamer breaks down allergens such as pollen and fungal allergens and removes bothersome odours providing a better, cleaner air



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