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Sharp SJ-FTS09AVS-SL (258L) Two Door No Frost Inverter Refrigerator [ TCA DIGITAL SQUARE ]


SKU: SJ-FTS09AVS-SL Category:
Additional Information
Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 63 × 55 × 170 cm

* J-TECH INVERTER TECHNOLOGY * Japan’s unique energy saving technology that lower the power consumption approximately up to *47% savings. * HIGH ROTATION SPEED COMPRESSOR * 32-steps rotation compressor speed for fast cooling and superior energy performance. It also keeps a stable and smooth rotation as possible to keep low noise and vibration during operation. * TWO-WAY FRESH ROOM * Creates a big space to store food and beverages for conveniently use. * WIDE VOLTAGE SUPPORT * Flexible during voltage fluctuations. * AG+CU NANO DEODORIZER * Deodorizer system that uses silver (Ag) and copper (Cu) to strongly suppress the odors and bacteria inside the refrigerator. * EXTRA ECO * Special button for energy-saving operation. While this mode is operating, the inside temperature of the refrigerator and freezercompartment becomes higher than the normaloperation. * ADJUSTABLE FREEZER/REF ROOM SHELVES * Utilize the space in different heights depending on the size of the food. * TWIST ICE MAKER * Conveniently remove ice cubes from the tray by twisting it. * TEMPERED GLASS SHELVES * Shelves that are strong enough to support and store large quantities of food up to 100kg. * LED LIGHTING * High illumination interior compartment (energy efficient, more durable, and last longer.)



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