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Sharp Scientific Calculator EL-531TH


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Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 16 cm

Blister Green, Grey, White


The EL531TH performs over 273 advanced scientific functions and utilizes a 2-line display and Multi-Line Playback to make scientific equations easier for students to solve. It is ideal for students studying general math, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In addition, it can be used for statistics, biology, chemistry, and general science. Hard cover protects from scratches. GENERAL ► DIRECT ALGEBRAIC LOGIC (D.A.L.) ► LARGE 2-LINE LCD DISPLAY, 10+2 DIGITS ► 273 BUILT-IN FUNCTIONS ► BATTERY POWER ► INDEPENDENT CURSOR KEYS ► MULTI-LINE PLAYBACK (jump to top or end of equation) ► 9 MEMORIES ► „HOME“ BUTTON OTHERS ► Battery: AAA × 1 ► Dimensions (mm): 161 × 80 × 15 ► Weight (g): 115 MATHEMATICAL FUNCTIONS ► Built-In Functions: 273 ► Entry System: Algebraic (D.A.L.) ► 1/x, x², √, %, p ► Fractions MEMORY ► Multi-Line Playback ► Last Answer Recall (ANS) ► Memory Variables: 9 NOTATION AND DECIMAL PLACES ► FSE Display (SCI, FIX, ENG) ► 3-Digit Punctuation NUMBER SYSTEMS ► Number Systems: DEC, BIN, OCT, HEX, PEN ► Logical Operation: AND, OR, NOT, NEG, XOR STATISTIC FUCTIONS ► 1-Variable Statistics ► 2-Variable Statistics ► Regression Calculations: 6 ► Mean, Standard Deviation ► NCr, nPr, n! ► Random Numbers TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS ► DEG/RAD/GRAD Modes ► sin, cos, tan and Inverses ► Hyperbolic Functions ► Sexagesimal and Decimal Conversions ► Rectangular and Polar Coordinates Conversions



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