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Panasonic NR-F603GT-XP 20.7 cu. ft. Multi Door Inverter Refrigerator [ TCA DIGITAL SQUARE ]


* Gross Capacity: 589 L (20.7 cu.ft.) * Storage Capacity: 488 L (17.2 cu.ft.) * Weight (Net): 114 kg. * Product Dimension (WxDxH) : 685 x 745 x 1,828 * No. of Doors: 6 Door * Warranty : 12-year Compressor * Electrostatic Control Panel * Econaviwith 7 Sensors * Automatic Defrost System * Double Moisture Control Filter * 5 LED Lights with night assistance * 3-layer Freezer Compartment * 150 kg Tempered Glass Shelves * Sliding 1-2 shelf * Surround Cooling Airlow * Automatic Ice Maker * Body Color: Obsidian Mirror * Door Material: Glass

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Additional Information
Weight 119 kg
Dimensions 100 × 94 × 208 cm

NR-F603GT-XP Mirror Gross Capacity: 20.7 cu. ft. / -3°C Prime Fresh Freezing (with Quick mode and aluminum plate) / Double Moisture Control Filters / Fresh Freezing (with double aluminum plates) / Door Material: Glass / Color: Onyx Mirror Features -3˚C soft freezing. No defrosting. Prime Fresh Freezing keeps meat and fish fresh for 7 days*. Unlike regular freezing, -3°C soft freezing doesn’t damage cells, so nutrients and flavor last longer.In addition, at -3°C, items can be cooked without defrosting and they’re easy to cut, peel and season for extra cooking convenience. * Test by Panasonic. The effect differs depending on operating conditions, and the type, condition and amount of food stored. Soft freezing at approx. -3˚C Prime Fresh Freezing makes food soft frozen at approx. -3°C, the temperature at which foods just start to freeze. *¹ In the case of sardines. The degree of freezing differs slightly depending on the type of food. . Keeps freshness & flavor longer* Prime Fresh Freezing soft freezes food at approx.-3˚C to prevent deterioration and unpleasant odors caused by oxidation and microbial degradation. * Comparison of freshness after Prime Fresh freezing/Chilled storage: Comparison of the switchable Prime Fresh freezing/Chilled room (Prime Fresh freezing mode, Setting 2) and the switchable Prime Fresh freezing/Chilled room (Chilled mode) No opening/closing of doors. Photos are of food used in tests by Panasonic. The effect differs depending on operating conditions, and the type, condition and amount of food stored. Prime Fresh freezing does not extend its sell-by and/or use-by date. Keeps nutrients When frozen meat is defrosted, drip that contains nutrients and “umami ” (savory) flavor components is released.With Prime Fresh Freezing, because stored foods aren’t completely frozen, no drip is released, so nutrients and flavor are retained. Convenient cooking without defrosting With -3°C soft freezing, meat and fish can be sliced easily and neatly. You can also easily scoop out just the amount of softly frozen soups and sauces you need. And flavors penetrate faster for more delicious results when food is marinated at approx. -3°C. Extra hygienic storagewith the power of water ions nanoe™ X are nano-sized ions generated from the moisture in the air that contain 4.8 trillion molecules called OH radicals, which have a bacteria elimination effect. They float to every corner of the refrigerator to keep food fresh and clean. Double MoistureControl Filters The two moisture control filters maintain the freshness of vegetables and fruits longer by automatically adjusting the humidity level to approx. 90%. * Panasonic in-house data. Rapidly seals in freshness & flavor Approx.-32˚C*¹ airflow and the two highly thermally conductive aluminium plates rapidly freeze items. By preventing damage to cells in food, rapid freezing preserves flavour and freshness. * The mode has to be set to Fresh Freezing with the control panel.*¹ When the ambient temperature is 20°C, cold air at a maximum low temperature of -32°C is delivered to the compartment.*² Compared with the regular freezing. Automatic ice maker Simply put water in the tank and ice is automatically made in as fast as 80 min*. The large-capacity, independent ice compartment enables storage of a max. of 156 ice cubes. And since it’s independent compartment, the ice storage is clean and hugienic with no transfer of odors. * In the Quick Ice Making mode. Ambient temperature of 20°C, temperature in each compartment set to ‘’MED’’. Doors not opened or closed. Fully extendable vegetable and freezer drawers The vegetable and freezer compartments can be opened fully, so you can easily see and access everything. And food can be stored neatly. Full-flat glass designwith electrostatic touch panel Flat glass doors provide an esthetically pleasing appearance. Electrostatic touch control panel is displayed only when touched, and when not used, its simple seamless glass appearance blends beautifully with modern interiors. 24/7 intelligentenergy savings 7 kinds of ECONAVI sensors detect conditions of use, and a microprocessor analyzes them. Using the results of this analysis, the INVERTER compressor adjusts the rotation frequency of the motor to optimize cooling performance and save energy. * Panasonic in-house data. ECONAVI operates only when the temperature setting is [2] for both the freezer and fridge compartments. Fresh, clean food with nanoe™ X Suppresses odorsnanoe X suppresses the odours of food to prevent them spreading.Inhibits bacteriananoe X inhibits 99.99%* of bacteria to keep food and the inside of refrigerator hygienic.* Tested by Kitasato Research Centre for Environmental Science. Test report No.: KRCES―Bio.Test Report No. 26_0145.Keeps nutrientsnanoe X ions retain nutrients of vegetables while preventing deterioration and discoloration.Reduces fungicidesnanoe X floats off fungicides and pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables to make them easier to wash off with water. Specifications 589 L (ISO 8561 Gross) Capacity 114Kg Weight 685 x 745 x 1828 mm Dimension SPECIFICATIONS Gross Capacity (ISO 8561) Total 589 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Total 488 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Fridge Compartment 301 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Freezer Compartment 77 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Vegetable Compartment 87 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Fresh.Freezing Compartment 18 L Storage Capacity (ISO 8561) Ice Compartment 5 L Product Dimensions (WxDxH) 685 x 745 x 1828 mm Defrost Type Automatic Defrost Standard / Regulation ISO 8561 Noise Level (JIS C 9607) Approx. 18 db (A) Weight 114 Kg Voltage 220 – 240 V Hertz 60 Hz Number of Doors 6 Door Color Mirror Door Material Glass REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT (PC) Tray Material Glass Tray Inner Shelf 4 Shelves Door Pocket 4 Tiers Egg Tray Free Case & Egg Tray (12 Eggs) Prime Fresh Freezing / Chilled Select Room Yes (Aluminum Plate) FREEZER COMPARTMENT (FC) Freezer Case 3 Tiers Drawer Fully Extending Automatic Ice Maker Yes Ice Tray Yes Quick Ice Making Yes Fresh Freezing Compartment Yes (Double Aluminum Plates) VEGETABLE COMPARTMENT (VC) Vegetable Case 2 Tiers Bottle Corner Yes (2L x 10 Bottles) Moisture Contorl Filter Yes (Double) OTHERS Control Panel Outside of PC (Electrostatic) ECONAVI Yes Compressor Inverter (Top Mounted) Refrigerant Gas R600a Thermal Insulation Material Yes U-Vacua Yes nanoe X Yes Anti-bacteria Yes Deodorizer Yes High Load -resistant Bearing Rail Yes (FC & VC)



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