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DAIKIN MC70MVM6 Air Purifier STREAMER Technology Deodorising Filter Electric Dust Collection


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  • STREAMER Technology only from DAIKIN!
  • Capture substances are decomposed by the STREAMER and prevented from re-dispersal.
    • Streamer Discharge: This function quickly decomposes odours and allergens, etc. with high speed electrons that hvee a powerful ability to oxidize.
    • Electric Dust Collection: Dust and pollens are collected by charging them positively and using the electrostatic dust collection filter charged negatively.
    • Pleated dust collection filter: Very economical, the air purifier comes standard with five (5) replacement filters. You will not have to buy filters for ten (10) years. (1 filter can be used for 2 years).
    • Titanium apatite deodorising filter: Odours and allergens are thoroughly absorbed by the titanium apatite and then removed.
    • Deodorising Filter: Odours are caught on the deodorising filter. Models excluding MC30 model utilize STREAMER to decompose these odours and adjuvants on the filter.
    • Auto fan mode: The air purifier is run, without wasteful operation, only in accordance with the level of pollutants in the air, which is detected by the sensor.
    • Anti-Pollen Mode: Switching between “Standard” and “Low” modes to create gentle turbulance, pollen is caught before it lands on the floor.
    • Sleep Mode: Operation automatically switches only between “Quiet” and “Low” modes in accordance with how polluted the air is. This is recommended for times such as when sleeping.
    • Turbo Mode: This is convenient mode provides high-power operation to quickly clean the air in a room when, for example, you come home or when you have guests over.
    • Off timer: Operation stop time can be set
    • Child Proof Lock: This can be used to prevent small children from mishandling the air purifier.
    • Brightness adjustment: The brightness of the indicator panel lamp can be adjusted.
    • Auto-Restart after Power Failure: The air purifier memorises the setting for mode, airflow, etc., and automatically returns to them when power is restored after a power failure
    • Dust and Odour Sensor lamps: Dust and odours are detected and shown in 3 easy-to-understand colours to indicate the level.
    • Room Capacity: 46 square meters



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